My name is Simone Montali, and I do things on my computer.

I was the first graduate in Ingegneria dei Sistemi Informativi at the University of Parma, and I'm now enrolled at the Artificial Intelligence MSc at the University of Bologna.Web development and artificial intelligence are my kind of things.

About me

Nice to meet you.


This is my main strength. It’s not about learning, it’s all about discovering how the world works.

Discover, learn, master.

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an IT guy.




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About me

Computer science

I started writing BASIC scripts in my elementary school years, encouraged by a family of computer lovers. I don’t see programming as a skill, rather as a forma mentis. There’s no unknown programming language, just some syntax to learn.

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About me

Artificial Intelligence.

In 2020, I enrolled in the Artificial Intelligence MSc at the University of Bologna. The course was born to train data scientists and artificial intelligence specialists in various contexts, like Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Reinforcement Learning, Logic.

My career

Fundamentals of AI - Module 1 (29/30)
Image processing and Computer Vision (28/30)
Machine Learning (30L/30)
Statistical and Mathematical Methods for AI (30/30)
Languages and Algorithms for AI - Module 1 (31/32)
Languages and Algorithms for AI - Module 2 (30/30)
Fundamentals of AI - Module 3 (8/8)
(Work in progress)
About me

My work experience.

Even though my studies have always been the priority, working during the last years helped me improve my soft skills, my problem-solving, and my temperament.


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When I really like a project, I might write something about it here. Don’t expect any consistency. Maybe a laugh or two.

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